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Welcome to the home page of Meaningful Math for Me...

             Meaningful Math for Me enhances the user's opportunity for success on standardized mathematics tests.  Although the focus is on high school students, the premice and functionality is applicable to any student or adult learner who wants to improve his or her mathematics skills.  The challenge before them may be that of a state mandated exit examination or adult learning classes in pursuit of a GED.  In either case, this is not a substitute for student diliegence.  This tool augments the classroom instruction of teachers and instructors.

             This tool has additional benefit becasue it includes multiple choice and open-ended response problems.  Practicing mathematics and writing skills at the same time make this dually valuable to learners mastering academic skills and balancing the added responsibilities associated with athletics, work, and family.  This includes entrance examinations for colleges for those pursuing a degree or completing an application to enhance educational and employment opportunities.

 Browse the areas of concentration below to determine your selection.  You can do this!



Boot Camp - Resource Sheet Development

Cluster I - Numbers and Numerical Operations

Cluster II - Geometry and Measurement

Cluster III - Patterns and Algebra

Cluster IV - Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics

Open Ended Problems - Open Ended Problem from each of the four Clusters

Resource Sheet - Printable Version

Tips - Approach to the Test